Bob Sellon - One Morning In May
Bob Sellon - One Morning In May
One Morning In May
Bob Sellon
Info: Original 2005 Mix
Bob Sellon - This is a song I've been playing in coffle houses and living rooms for years. If you've seen me perform in the last 15 or so years, there is a good chance you've heard this live. The song's 3/4 time adds a nice traditional flavor to the collection ("Sing For Your Stew").

The recording of "One Morning In May" that appears on the CD starts as a simple acoustic guitar, voice and bass piece. Flamenco guitars come in, followed by strings, flute and background voice. All MIDI triggered virtual synth's and Sound Fonts. The harmony voice is the TC Helicon Voiceworks harmonizer. Note the extreme use of the "Gender" parameter on the "..Oh soldier, kind soldier will you marry me.." line.

One Morning In May by Bill Kieth and Jim Rooney

One morning, one morning, one morning in May
I spied a young couple they were making their way
One was a maiden so bright and so fair
And the other was a soldier and a brave volunteer

"Good morning, good morning, good morning" say he
"And where are you going my pretty lady?"
"I'm going out a walkin on the banks of the sea
just to see the waters gliding hear the nightingale sing."

Now they had not been standing but a minute or two
when out of his knapsack a fiddle he drew
And the tune that he played made the valleys all ring
"Oh hark!" cried the maiden, "Hear the nightingale sing."

Oh maiden, fair maiden, tis time to give o'er",
"Oh no, kind soldier, please play one tune more
For I'd rather hear your fiddle at the touch of one string
than to see the waters gliding, hear the nightingale sing."

"Oh soldier, kind soldier, will you marry me?"
"Oh pretty young maiden, that never shall be."
"I've a wife down in London and children twice three,
two wives and the army's too many for me."

"I'll go back to London and I'll stay there for a year;
and it's often I'll think of you my little dear.
And if ever I return it will be in the spring
just to see the waters gliding, hear the nightingale sing


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