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by Bob Sellon

The Looper Pro software for the JamMan has been under development for a number of years under the name of the "Special" ROM. This new version takes the evolution of the JamMan looper to a whole new level with support for smultanious multiple sized loops, advanced MIDI mapping and a lot more. If you liked the Special ROM, you'll love this version.

Even before I showed my first looper to Lexicon back in 1992, I had started working on plans for a multiple channel version of the product. When Lexicon eventually assembled a team to bring my looper to market, simplictiy and time to market were the name of the game so the original JamMan was a single loop device (single at any given time I should say). Selling a looper proved to be a lot more difficult than the world class reverbs they were known for and within a year they discontinued the product. Since I was involved in loopers long before Lexicon, it's no surprise that I continued to think about the product and test some ideas for possible release by my own company, Stecware.

I eventually left Lexicon and started working part time for a wonderful company up in Newmarket New Hampshire called Russound. Russound makes amazing whole-house sound/video systems which I've had the pleasure of contributing to but I still kept dabbling with the looper code. Working part time gave me enough time to write and record my Sing For Your Stew CD but has also given me enough time to get back to my looper project.

The new Looper Pro code is a complete rewrite of the Special ROM code which itself was completely seperate from the original JamMan code. With a many more years of programming under my belt, the new Looper Pro code is just amazing. Tight, clean and packed with features, Looper Pro is finally where I thought the original JamMan should be.

As icing on the cake, the new software is accompanied with a graphical user interface for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

I hope all the loopers out there who have held onto their JamMen, will enjoy this new software as much as I am.


Bob Sellon