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Billerica, MA USA

Update - Development proceeds on our forthcoming "StecTool" apps which will enter a user testing phase in the coming months. We'll be looking for testers and general feedback on the apps so check back if you think you might want to participate.

Featured Music

Billerica, MA USA

Some acoustic-bob from the vaults:

Clara Clock

Billerica, MA USA

The StecTools "Clara Clock" shows the current day of the week, date and time in large, easy to read fonts. And it's free.

Example: Click to open the Clara Clock page

Update 3/26/2017 - Added a user editable message area with buttons to pick text color and size. The user clicks the [type here] area and uses their computer keyboard to change the message. i.e."Happy Birthday"

Update 11/10/2017 - Now available at "".


Manchester by the Sea, MA USA


Budget Calculator

Billerica, MA USA

Our free on-line tool that helps you determine when you are making money. Or not.

Screen shot/link to the Budget Calculator

Virtual MPX G2 Help Panel

Billerica, MA USA

Our virtual front panel for the Lexicon MPX G2 provides information about the controls and displays: "virtual MPX G2 panel"

Help-panel for the MPX G2

Quiet page

Our quiet page is just a blank if you need a clear browser screen: "Quiet Page"

Printer cleaner

Our printer cleaner page contains links to colored pages that are good for printer cleaning and testing: "Printer cleaner"