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Title: MPX G2 Sleep Mode Help
Post by: bsellon on June 16, 2013, 12:56:26 PM
In the System page under Modes there is a property called "Sleep" that is typically set to Off but can be set for "Help" to turn on the help system which pops up message that help describe how to operate the G2. If you are new to the G2 the Sleep - Help mode might help you get up to speed on how to navigate the interface more quickly.

I had forgotten about this feature but came across it when I went looking for the multilingual "store - display" mode where information about the product just pops up on the screen on a timer.  Turns out this was dropped on the G2 but exists on the MPX 1 where English, French, German, Italian and Spanish "Promo" Sleep modes are available that show information about the product on the unit's display.