MIDI SysEx Dump Tool - old

The Dump Tool is an easy to use Windows utility for moving MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx) data between MIDI compatible audio gear and personal computers running Windows software.

Download Beta Version 0.03 3-17-2002 (1392k bytes) (revision notes)
This is a self extracting Zip file that contains all of the setup files. When you zip file, it asks you if you want to unzip into c:\Windows\temp. You can choose any directory you want but the inside your destination directory an "DumpToolInstall" folder will be created. Inside that folder you will find the "setup.exe" program that will run the Install Shield (installation program) for the Dump Tool. Once the setup is complete, the self extracting file and the DumpToolInstall folder can be deleted.

The main screen is as follows:

The main dialog screen

Data is transferred from external MIDI gear to the Dump Tool, by pressing the "Receive" button. The following dialog appears while the program is waiting for incoming MIDI SysEx data:

Receiving data

The received data can then be stored on the computer by pressing the "Write" button in the "File" section of the dialog.

In addition, the current data in the program's buffer can be viewed by pressing the "View Data" button. The data appears as follows:

Viewing Data

Data can be read from a computer file into the buffer by pressing the "Read" button and navigating to a directory containing SysEx data for the appropriate piece of gear.

Data in the buffer can also be sent out TO the external gear by pressing the "Send" button. The following dialog appears as the data is sent:

Sending data

The MIDI ports to which your audio gear is connected can be selected by pressing the button with the little MIDI symbol on it. The following dialog appears listing all of the available MIDI input and outputs on your system:

MIDI Device Select

Selected ports are saved and reloaded when the program is restarted.

Basic help is available in the following dialog:

Help Screen

Version and registration information is available by pressing the "About" button:

About Screen