MOTU Traveler Rack Mixer and Firewire Computer Interface
Comments from Bob Sellon -

"I've had a MOTU Traveler FireWire Audio Interface for a while now and it has been working out well, though I must admit that I haven't done a whole lot of recording with it. I bought this for my live rig. I needed a rack mount mixer with balanced mic preamps with phantom power. Ironically, the firewire interface was a perk. The unit can be powered directly from firewire but also runs from a wall wart. The unit also includes a MIDI in and out port along with an SPDIF (toslink and RCA) as well as a full AES interface. The toslink connector can also be used as an ADAT interface adding another 8 channels of IO to the 4 balanced mic inputs, 4 line inputs and 8 line outputs. It also provides a headphone out which I use to feed my in-ear monitors directly. One of the most important features for me is the ability to mix locally which was not available on earlier MOTU interfaces. I had intended to control it via software but, so far, have been unable to open a control communication channel to the device. "