Office 2007 Problems
If you are thinking about purchasing Microsoft Office 2007, beware! Microsoft has removed the menuing system from the programs. "File", "Edit", "View", "Help": gone. The new interface you are forced to use is a tabbed toolbar system that Microsoft calls "The Ribbon". The Ribbon looks friendly but only provides access to a limited number of program features. click here for more.. - Bob Sellon

Update. Since updating to Office 2007, I've noticed that Outlook did not always show incoming email until I selected a different folder then reselected my Inbox. Yesterday I sent a couple of emails to my Stec Records email account from an email account with one of my software contracts and was surprised to find that two of the emails did not go through. I had also noticed that I was not seeing much email traffic yesterday in general so I checked the web interface for my Stec Records account (with GoDaddy) and found literally dozens of emails that were not showing up in Outlook. I'm still not sure if the problem is with Outlook or GoDaddy but I wanted to let people know about the problem so they don't potentially miss an important email or are trying to contact me and wonder why I'm not responding. Bloody hell! - Bob Sellon