MIDI Mapper

The Midi Mapper application is a Windows program that is being designed for real-time control of electronic equipment as part of a live performance. Using a MIDI foot controller, a performer can control a number of different electronic devices including MIDI sound modules and other MIDI controllable device. The system will also play audio files and MIDI sequences. Simple remapping of MIDI events is also supported via MIDI Patches and a Track Patcher allows tracks in a MIDI sequences to be routed to different interfaces (I use this to send data to my Voiceworks sound module).

MIDI Mapper


- Free Download (new version: V1.17 1-13-2007)
- Basic Operation
- Live Viewer: Performance Screen
- MIDI Port Setup
- Bank Editor
- Macro Editor
- Controls Setup
- Bank Interface Tester
- Virtual Footpedal
- MIDI Monitor (log, etc..)
- Visual Port Activity Monitor
- Commands
1. Program Change
2. MIDI Controller
3. MIDI Note
4. Delay
5. Sound Player
6. Display Tool
7. MIDI Port Patcher
8. Track Mapper
9. LED Display Messages
10. DMX512 Lighting Control
- Multiple MIDI Port Support
- MIDI Server
- JamMan Looper Pro Editor
- Disclaimers