Lexicon MPX G2 Programs
This page contains links to several MPX G2 programs created by Bob Sellon and other. ForumContact us if you'd like to post any programs.

Title Notes
Tone Tornado Creates special effects using the (test) "Tone" alg triggered by the input signal envelope. Effect 1 and Effect 2 each have the Tone effect loaded. Their pitch and amplitude is controlled by the volume of the input (how loud you play). Effect 1 is scaled up for high pitched sounds, like birds, while Effect 2 has lower pitched sounds. If you turn Effect 1 or 2 off you can hear the individual sounds. Turning on the Gain block puts the tones through an overdrive, clipped sound instead of the pure tones of the Tone effect.
Octave Lead A pitch shifter set for an octave up is placed in front of a Gain block. Also has a tempo based delay (tap in the delay time) and a panner connected to the R1 pedal. Pretty amazing sounding on a stereo rig.
MultiBand A multi-band compressor program. Uses a crossover EQ feeding a split path with seperate compressors on each path. The high frequency signals go to one compressor while the lows go to the other. You can get some amazing effects if you mess with the crossover frequency of the EQ.

(from Bill Edmondson) I use this as the basis of most of my other presets. When creating a new patch, I copy this to another preset number and go from there. set up to match my level with my amp, etc.

It also has three very important controls set up that i use all of the time:
1) foot pedal assigned to control volume
2) footswitch 1 assigned to a momentary switch giving me 3dB gain
3) footswitch 2 assigned to a latched switch giving me 3 dB gain

Lead solo 1
Lead solo 2

(from Bill Edmondson) Same as MyCleanSlate except that the footswitches also add some delay along with the gain. The best part is that when I put the footswitch back in the normal position (0dB), the delay fades gracefully! This lets me play a lead or riff and switch back to playing rhythm while the last few notes trail off. This is especially useful if you're the only guitarist in your band.
Wah1 turns your R1 gas pedal into a wah.

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