Bob Sellon - Fourth Of July
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4th of July
Bob Sellon
Info: 2009 Remix

Music by Stec Records recording artist Bob Sellon.

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  • Fourth Of July by Bob Sellon

    Crazy Jane made her mother cry,
    Melt down on the fourth of July
    Slammed that door, didn't say goodbye
    She was long gone on the fourth of July

    She was a party child, it was party time. She had...
    big plans for the fourth of July
    She could steal your man, she could steal your life
    no fool is safe on the fourth of July

    Now, downtown they were gettin in line,
    ice cold beer, take a slice of lime,
    pig on a pole, corn in a pile
    let your pepper cool, let your chicken fry

    Momma sings, your baby cry
    Papa sit back, he said "nighty night"
    Too much sugar, the kids run wild
    All hell broke loose on the fourth of july

    Everybodys dancin in the street
    Your brother had too much to eat
    you know your cousin is the one to beat
    but you can't be sure the victory is sweet

    Catch a cold, catch a cough, catch a piece of behind
    They yell, "Take it off!" on the fourth of July
    She got your key, got your car, got your wink of an eye
    Got some sweet talk on the fourth of July

    She could drink she could drive, she could kick a bee hive
    Test fate on the fourth of july
    She cut left but she should'a cut right
    Got a "need to know" on the fourth of July

    You should have seen the look upon her face
    Every day she'd be riding her daddy's case
    He said, "I can't wait until you leave this place"
    and then she was gone, she left without a trace

    He stopped to see a marching band
    Veteran only got one hand
    For all these things he gives this land
    What do we give back to this man

    Things you gained, the things you lost
    simple things at such a cost
    these precious things that can't be bought
    what it really means, you can't be taught

    I just pray I can open up my eyes
    in time to understand the lies
    It's a holiday, you wonder why
    You got your wake up call on the fourth of July

    Copyright 2004 Robert J. Sellon

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