Lexicon JamMan
Lexicon JamMan
News - 3/21/2011 Signal Technology Labs is offering an audio memory upgrade for the JamMan that increase sample memory to 17 minutes (!) and 2 minutes, 13 seconds in loops.  We have not yet tried this or heard any feedback about it but it is certainly worth looking at it you are a JamMan enthusiast.  JamExpand.com

News - We've added a JamMan Performances page.

The original JamMan looper was released in 1994 by the pro audio company, Lexicon. With a list price under $400, it was the first dedicated looping device thousands of musicians and DJ's had ever used. The device is a single U rack mount product that provides stereo input and output, though the loops are mono. Only the dry pass-through audio is stereo.

One of the redeeming qualities of the JamMan was its simplicy of operation: press a tap button twice and you have a loop. Support for up to 8 independent loops was provided, though not at the same time, and syncronization to-and-from MIDI clock was supported. This allowed the JamMan to stay syncronized with drum machines and sequencers or have the tempo dynamically set (from tapping) and have the drum machine sync to the JamMan. Fun stuff.

The JamMan could be controlled from the front panel but most users connected two 2 button footswitches which allowed them to operate the device while playing an instrument with their hands. The original device responded to MIDI Program change messages which allowed it to be controlled from many of the simple MIDI foot controllers that were available in the early 90s.

The JamMan was originally released with 8 seconds of memory but a later 32 second version was made available. The original version could (and still can) be upgraded to 32 seconds. New features were even added with the JamMan Enhancement ROM from Stec Records.

The Lexicon JamMan

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