Cool Musical iPhone/iTouch Apps
Cool Musical iPhone/iTouch Apps
iShred - A virtual guitar rig complete with strings and stomp boxes. Excellent!
  • Beatmaker - A tool for creating loop/sample based music.
  • Randgid - Another real-time composition tool that includes controls for changing the tone of the sound. Simlar to an analog synth. Amazing. Beats are shown in a grid simlar to the Roland rhytm machines.
  • DB-303 - Another for creating repeating patters with great sound shaping controls.
  • Finger Bass Line - Another sound creation tool. This one includes a visual representation of the controls in a graph form with touch/gesture suppote.
  • Dubreq iStylophone - A zylophone like app.
  • miniSynth - A synth app with analog-like controls and a 1 octave keyboard. Sliding between notes is great. Echos, etc..
  • Organist - A church organ emulation with two octaves. Also plays back sequences showing the keys moving. Also includes some larger key modes.
  • Thereminator 1.1 - Simuates a classic theremon allowing you to manipulate the pitch and volume of a sinewave with your finger.
  • Theramin - This Therimin emulation uses the position of the phone to control the pitch.
  • iPod Touch Accessories - External speakers, carrying pouch, Bluetooth headphones and adapter. stand.
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