Lexicon MPX 1 Parameters
In the MPX 1, "Parameters" are the attributes or properties of a given effect or subsystem. Like the "Brightness" and "Contrast" adjustments on your TV allow you to change how the picture looks, MPX 1 "Parameters" allow you to change how a particular effect sounds.

On the display of the MPX 1, parameters are typically displayed with the name of the parameter on the top line of the display and the current value of the parameter on the bottom line.


Usually there is an identifier on the top left of the screen to tell you what effect or subsystem the parameter is used with.

LFO1   Rate

In this example, the "Rate" parameter for LFO 1 is being shown. The value of the parameter blinks on and off indicating that turning the front panel knob will modify it. This becomes very important for screens that show more than one parameter.

Delay  Time Fbk
<>     50ms 40%
This example shows the "Time" and "Fbk" (feedback) parameters of the Delay effect. The Fbk parameter value is blinking indicating that turning the front panel knob will modify the parameters value.

The "<" and ">" on the bottom left of the display indicates that there are additional screens to the left and right of the current screen. The front panel "<" and ">" buttons can be pressed to change the selected parameter on a given screen as well as select additional screens.

Parameter "Edited" Indicator
The MPX 1 provides an indicator (a period to the left of the parameter's name) to show that the current value of a parameter is different from the value stored in the current program (edited).

Delay .Time Fbk
<>    51ms 40%

When the value is returned to the stored value, the indicator turns off. This is a handy way of determining what the initial value of a parameter was after editing.

Parameter "Options"
The front panel of the MPX 1 contains a button labled "OPTION". When editing program parameters, the LED on the OPTION button will sometimes illuminate indicating that the selected parameter has an "Option". If you press the OPTION button when it is illuminated, you are presented with a new parameter which is an "option" of the original parameter. Sometimes Option parameters make some fundamental changes to the way the current effect works (Wahs, etc..) but usually, Options allow you to change the current measurement units for the parameter.

Parameter Units on the MPX 1 are similar to other types of measurement units. There are times when it's more convient to measure in milimeters instead of inches or grams instead of pounds. On the MPX 1, many parameters can be adjusted in two or more units. A good example are the Delay "Time" parameters which can be set in milliseconds, feet, meters, etc...

Note that when you change the units for parameters on the MPX 1, the current value changes to a default value (the previous value is lost).

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