Who Loops?
This is by no means a complete list of looping nuts. Click here to suggest others.

Chet Atkins
Chet Atkins was, perhaps, the most famous user of the JamMan product. He was so taken by the product that he wrote a song entitled "Jam Man" which won him a grammy. He was certainly one of the greats. Find out more about Chet at: www.misterguitar.com, the official Chet Atkins web site.

Phil Keaggy
Phil was rumored to have heard about the JamMan from Chet Atkins. His album "Acoustic Sketches" features the JamMan extensively as do his live performances. Very tasteful use of looping, even using his acoustic guitar as a mic and adding vocals to the loop. Check out his home page: www.philkeaggy.com for more info.

Les Paul
Les is really the granddaddy of looping. His "Les Paulverizer" [looper] was rumored to exist as early as the late 40s and Les was multi-track recording in the 50s (15 years before it hit the mainstream). I (Bob Sellon) had the honor of demonstrating the JamMan for Les Paul himself back in 1994 at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City. When we described the unit to him, he insisted I demonstrate it for him, even letting my use his guitar. I couldn't find a Les Paul (the man) web site but did locate this story about him on the NPR web site: "Les Paul, Still Strumming on the Cusp of 90" and this article on the Plastic web site: "A Legend Turns 90" .

Steve Morse
Steve was another recipient of the PCM42 memory upgrades which he put to good use for many years on solo performances and during solo interludes at band gigs. Don't know if Steve ever released any of his looping performances on CD but they are definitely something to see/hear. Check out Steve's homepage: www.stevemorse.com for more info.

David Torn
Dave's another looper who's been at the game for some time. A recipient of one of the S-Tech Electronics (now Stec Records) PCM42 memory upgrades, Dave has been carving beautiful loops in the air for years. The Innerviews.org web site has an excellent interview with Dave: "Fate is not completely decided". Some words of wisdom from Dave: 12 tips for Guerrilla Musicians

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