Cakewalk CAL Language
Set All Note Durations

Here are my CAL scripts: (Right click and save this on your computer).

  • Set Duration - Sets the duration of all notes on a track to a specified value.
  • Double Note - Removes double notes (data noise from guitar synths, etc..)
  • Limit Velocity - Sets a high and low limit for velocity of notes for a track.
  • Replace Note - Replaces all instances of a note in a track with another one.
  • Clean - Cleans a track by removing notes under a specified duration and velocity. This is another good script for cleaning up tracks generated by guitar synths. 
  • DA38 Play - Triggers a PLAY on the Tascam DA38 digital tape machine.
  • DA38 Record - Triggers a RECORD on the Tascam DA38 digital tape machine.
  • DA38 Stop - Triggers a STOP on the Tascam DA38 digital tape machine.
  • QY Drum - Splits the notes of a single drum track into seperate tracks (kick, snare, etc..)

You can use these as-is or use them as templates to create your own scripts. The scripts are simple text files with the .CAL extension so you can use almost any text editor (i.e. Notepad) to edit the files.

There are also some good resources for learning to create CAL scripts of your own

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