Bob Sellon - Pay
Bob Sellon
Info: with harps
Description: New lead vocal.

Music by Stec Records recording artist Bob Sellon.

MP3 (acoustic Live at Stec)

Features keyboards, harp and vocals by Brian Templeton and drums by Frank Sarcia. Drums were recorded at Atomic Drum in Medford with overdubs at Stec Records in Billerica. 

The brass arrangement was created using a Strat fitted with a Roland guitar synth interface. Both the guitar synth and keys were recorded as midi data which allowed them to be modifed and expanded. "I picked one take with the guitar synth that I liked," commented Bob "edited the midi data to remove bad note and tweak the melody if needed, then fed the track into two different sound modules. Every sound module responds a little differently to velocity so you get a sort of super-patch if you pan the sounds left and right. ".

Pay by Bob Sellon

I sat down for my wage review
he said I'm sorry son, there ain't nothin we can do
Three years here, they give me 4 percent
before I get that check all my money's spent,
I need help…cos I'm sinkin fast
and I owe. I feel like I'm gonna crash

I pay for gas, I pay for heat
I gotta pay for my phone, I got pay TV
Pay the IRS but don't ask me why
I'm gonna keep on payin till the day I die
I need help…cos I'm sinkin fast
and I owe, I feel like I'm gonna crash

I'm in the red, I'm here to stay
I pay tomorrow, pay today
"Amount due" is all I see
I feel like all these bills are gonna bury me
I need help…cos I'm sinking, sinkin
and I owe. Feel like I'm gonna crash

I need help now won't you help me please
If you're anything like me you must be on your knees
I need help in so many ways
I got in for free but now I gotta pay
I need help, cos I'm sinkin
and I owe. Feel like I'm gonna crash

Copyright 2010 Robert J. Sellon 

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