One Gig Pony - Member Notes
One Gig Pony - Member Notes
Contact Bob if you want to participate.

Notes from Bob:

I'm putting together a Billerica, MA version of the One Gig Pony band to play a music and do some recording.

I'd like to do approximately 1-3 public gigs a month (initially). I'm looking for minimal travel right now so the venues will be in and around the Billerica area (north of Boston, southern NH). Gigs will be audio and video recorded for marketing and other publishing (mostly web based) whenever possible.

I'm also a software/hardware developer and often use prototype equipment on gigs for testing and to add entertainment value.

Though I am formally fronting the band, I'm looking for players who can step up and sing lead as the occasion requires (I also enjoy singing backing vocals).

Rehearsal/recording schedule: I'd like to do 1 or more a week as schedules permit. Rehearsal recordings will be posted where members can access them for review, re-editing and other use.

My main focus is right now is original material. I like covers and will occasionally do the for fun but I have a lot of original music ideas I want to develop for fun and profit.

I'm also looking for musical collaborators. I've written quite a lot of music but realize that the quality and quantity of the material goes up significantly when I work with like-minded people.


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