Lexicon MPX G2 Power Supply
Lexicon MPX G2 Power Supply
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Prototype Info:

Bob Sellon - I've only got a prototype unit in front of me so the supply in production machines might be different. I'm seeing descrepancies between the schematics and the data sheet for the supply. I tend to trust the schematics (rev 5).

- From the side of the large transformer:
P/N 724820-289
S/N: ZGCA 1548 (from the side of the large transformer)

- From the top of the large transformer:
Computer Products Power Conversion
NAN25-7610 (data sheet)
COMPONENT TYPE CUTSOM RECTIFIER - (Bob Sellon - This may have been a custom supply for Lexicon)

Wire/Pin Assignments

Pin Color Description (data sheet) Description (schematic)
1 orange 12VDC -15VDC
2 red 5.1VDC GND
3 red 5.1VDC GND
4 black Return 5VDC
5 black Return 5VDC
6 blue -12VDC 15VDC

Bob Sellon - More evidence that this is not the correct power supply for the MPX G2.

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