Lexicon MPX G2 MIDI SysEx Notes
Lexicon MPX G2 MIDI SysEx Notes
from Bob Sellon - Generally speaking, sending SysEx to the G2 cannot dammage the box. When you "MIDI Dump" the "Current Pgm" (from the SYSTEM mode), the SysEx that is sent from the box is tagged as "current program". When sent back to the box it is loaded as the current program only. If you want to keep it, you have to manually save it into a user program otherwise it will be lost the next time you load a program.

I need to double check the "All Programs" dump but I believe the programs that get sent there are actually tagged with the location they came out of. The result is that they will be sent to that particular
program slot if sent back to a G2. This could be a bad thing since it could potentially overwrite a stored program. I will check into this but as long as you only dump "Current Pgm" you should be fine. The dumps on my web page are all "Current Pgm" dumps.

Beyond program dumps, the SysEx on the MPX G2 is extensive. Virtually all program parameters and SYSTEM parameters can be modified via SysEx. One of my reasons for leaving Lexicon was their refusal to develope GUI editing tools for this stuff. I've been working on a GUI editor for the MPX1/MPX G2 for a while but haven't been able to get back to it for a while. I'd really love to do a platform independant version but it's a really neat trick to pull that off. At the very least I'm hoping to get a Flash application together that will disect a G2 program into a printable format. One of the toughest aspects of the MPX G2 is that it is quite deep and it's not all that obvious what is contained in a particular program.

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