Bob Sellon - Speed Trap
Speed Trap
Bob Sellon
Yeah, I'm a little pissed about getting a speeding ticket. This is a new mix 7-13-2010. - Bob

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Speed Trap by Robert J. Sellon

Goin away, makin time to play
You go back no matter what I say  (every day)
I hear your voice ringin in my head
You never listen to a word I said
(I think you're better off dead)

    So you say there's somethin wrong with me
    What a lesson this is gonna be
    You know you always make me feel a fool
    Nothin left to keep me here with you

        Speed trap,
            limit 55
            gimme half a life
            or is it just a come on
        Speed trap,
            immitate life
            throwin in a line
            beggin me to come on home

Pass on the left, don't pass on the right
You made me look for your flashin light
Throw me back or you can take me home
I took your bait on the road alone

    Ain't drinkin wine but I'm feelin fine
    Sleepin all day, drive all night
    Sing a song, just to move it along
    slow down but you come on strong

        Speed trap,
            limit 55
            gimme half a life
            baby won't you shut your
        Speed trap,
            immitate life
            Cheese with that whine
            beggin me to come on home
                         come on home

Dare to take a ride with me
see these things we're gonna see
I ain't gonna ask no more
what are you lookin for?

Copyright 2002 Robert J. Sellon    All rights reserved worldwide.

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