Bob Sellon - Better Than Me
Better Than Me
Bob Sellon


Better Than Me by Robert J. Sellon

(You know I try)  You know I try to do the best I can
(You know I'm your fan) You know that I am your biggest fan
(I hope you don't hate me) I hope you don't hate me for the things I do
  It's my messed up idea of whats best for you
  I hope you run, hope you run,  better than me
  I hope you have fun You have fun,  better than me
  I hope that you play hope you play,  better than me
  Night and day night and day,  better than
  Better than me    
(Sometimes)  Sometimes I can't get out of my own way
(Sometimes) sometimes I just can't find the words to say
(I know I bitch at you)  I know I bitch at you day after day after day
  Don't know how you listen to me when I say
  I hope you try, hope you try,  better than me
  I hope that you fly hope you fly,  better than me
  Hope you sing I hope you sing,  better than me
  Everything everything,  better than
  better than me    
(Sometimes)  Sometimes I think it's wrong but it's really right
(Try to set you straight) Try to set you straight as if I possibly might
(Try to teach you) Try to teach you what I don't know
  Take a look at my life and what do I got to show
  I hope you run, I hope you run,  better than me
  Take care of someone someone,  better than me
  Treat that girl right right, better than me
  Every night every night,  better than me
  I hope I don't get in your way, way  better than me
  Everything you say thing you say  better than me
  Under the sun sun,  better than me
  I hope you find someone   better than
  better than me    

Copyright 2002 Robert J. Sellon    All rights reserved worldwide.