Song Tool Change Log
Song Tool Change Log
Changes for the Song Tool

V1.4.4 20110206

  • Added GO TO buttons and reorganized the Loops section of the main screen.
  • Fixed a problem with recent file and folders lists. 
  • Fixed the GO TO button on the End in the Loops window.
  • Improved the resolution of the icon
  • Removed the Preferences menu item (not fully implemented). 

V1.4.2 20100421

  • Fixed an assert problem on initial startup when no file has been selected.
  • Updated the large application icon.


V1.4.1 20100418


  • Added xp styles to buttons (was removed debugging the display problem)
  • Made the play/pause button bigger
  • Fixed the speed scale to show 0-100% instead of 1000%

V1.4.0 20100417

  • Fixed a major display bug where the app would eventually blank out the screen. 
  • Moved the loop points into a seperate window.
  • Resolved some issues related to Vista when managing recent files and folders.
  • Removed the news


  • Fixed bug in Browse Folders: not going to the correct initial folder
  • Added a Menu system. File, Help
  • Remember which loop was selected the last time a file was open.


  • Browse Folders can be virtually unuseable on network folders. Very sluggish.
  • Still does not play some MP3 files. The MCI player does not support file names over a certain size. I added tools to strip off the Artist name from file names.
  • Loop values are saved when a new file is loaded that doesn't have any loops defined yet. Should clear.
  • Gets stuck in Pause mode when setting start point. I had added checking to confirm that the End was not before the Start and added code to set the End to the Start. The problem is that you result in a 0 sized loop. The new version sets the End to the end of the song in this case. This actually showed up in a couple of places.
  • Updated installer program to install without first removing the old version
  • Added double-nudge buttons that allow 1 second nudges (previous ones were just 0.5 seconds).
  • Added an "Update" button that opens a browser on the Song Tool Update page.
  • Added a Mute button
  • Made "Get Whole Song" button bigger
  • Added -> <- to S and E buttons (grab start and end points)
  • Web Resources now includes song search capability
  • Changed the background color of the Loop section when enabled to make it more noticeable (still need to do more).


  • Added a "Tell a friend" link
  • Added a "Donation" link
  • Loop marker are now inside the slider
  • The time counter now floats with the slider
  • Added the ability to edit start and end text fields
  • Added S and E buttons to grab the current position as start and end respectively.


  • Added a graphical loop position indicator
  • Made playback continue if postition slider is moved during playback.
  • Added graphic highlighting of the "Selected Loop Point Properties" group when looping is enabled.
  • Double clicking on a loop point now starts playback at loop point.
  • Moved the current position field to the middle of the Song Position group
  • Removed the Stop button
  • Made the Play button bigger
  • Made the # colume in the song info list smaller
  • Added check for invalid loop ranges (i.e. end < start).

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