Fishman Aura Spectrum DI & Guitar Preamp
  • Insert-style fx loop connector
  • A phase switch
  • A level trim to tweak the pedal for your instrument. 
  • Fishman also provides Windows and Mac flavors of their Gallery librarian app that allows you to replace the 16 user Images in the pedal with others from their library of over 800. The Gallery apps include searching functions to locate images by model, make, style and wood.

    "Yeah, but what are Images?" "Image" is the word Fishman uses to describe the configurations/programs for their Aura pedals. Images are created by comparing the sound coming out of a pickup with the sound of the same instrument being miked. The Image is the difference. When the Image is loaded into the pedal, the output from the pickup sounds like the guitar being miked. Sort of. Of course it's not perfect but we think it's amazing. You don't have to imagine a world where acoustic guitars sound great through PAs. It's here.

    Bob Sellon - "The audience can finally hear what the artist is really doing with the instrument.  I love em. "

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