Fishman Loudbox Performer Acoustic Combo Amp
and a 1/4" phone jack for additional line level instruments or devices (stomp boxes, etc..).  Gain, Low, Mid, High, Anti-feedback, phase, a 10db pad, FX level and mix level controls are provided on the front panel for each channel. A master volume, a mute button and a stereo Aux input for mp3 or cd players that is summed to mono (the amp is mono) are also provided on the front panel.  The level of the Aux in can be adjusted from the front panel and a knob is provided to select one of the 4 built in effects (2 halls, a chorus and 2 plates).

This is a full bandwidth tri-amped device (separate amplifiers for the highs, mids and lows) suitable for almost any type of sound but is especially good with acoustic instruments and keyboards that need a clean high end. with a kickstand that allows you to tilt the amp for use as a stage monitor.

When used with a house sound system, three separate balanced direct outputs are provided: one for each channel and one for the combined channels.  The dedicated direct outputs can come in real handy if the amp is doubling as a stage monitor. You can feed the monitor send from the board to channel 2 but only use the direct output from channel 1 to the mixing board. A built in kick stand allows the amp to be tilted with a prop.

An effects send and receive is also provided for each channel in case you want to put more processing in-line (compressor for the vocals, etc..). We also like the standard IEC style power cord (computer, etc..) for easy substitution if the cord gets damaged.

With 130 Watts of combined power, this amp is suitable for stage or rehearsal and would even serve as a decent PA in small venues in a pinch.

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