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Wake Me When The Snow Falls

For your listening and interacting pleasure..

..our new interactive animated page for my song Wake Me When The Snow Falls. Click the image or go here. The page shows a randomly animated snow storm with wind that is coordinated with the song when you play it (there is a Play button). After staring at it for so long while working on it, it came to be like a window peaking out of my lab so I added a window "Panes" button to show or hide a window pane in front of the storm. Includes a Buy button with links to retailers and triggers on the words to play samples from the song. Dragging the mouse or your finger also invokes wind. The animation runs forever even without the music so it makes a nice background if you like snow.

The audio for this version Includes a new Mellotron track by my friend Bruce Alger with drums by Frank Sarcia. I`ve got purchase options here but the animated page includes direct purchase links as well.

New Music: "Play"

11-12-2021 Another brand new track.

"Play" was going to be the title track of an album of the same name but, with that domain name long gone, the chosen album title became Play-age ( though it didn't really work as a title for this particular song. I did feel like I was "of an age" to play music at the time I wrote this one, however and, having done several more complex songs I opted for a simpler structure focusing more on the main vocal melody. Full disclosure: I feel a lot better about the vocal melody than the lyrics but I'm not often visited by the lyric genie and have to make due with what I get.

It's worth noting that this is another of the No Muse recordings taken from the 2015 series finale with Frank Sarcia on drums and Ken Shano on guitar. My piano part is from the original recording but everything else was added after-the-fact including a great bass part by Jim Fabiano. We're considering doing a reggae spin on it at some point but this semi-live version surpassed even the studio production of the song that was in the works so it seemed like a good one to put out. I hope you like it. "..and if you listen, you'll hear the sound".

Check my dedicated landing page for the song: here or the DistroKid page for purchase options.

Back To The Farm

10/15/2021 And I don't really mean "farm".

I wrote "Back To The Farm" in about 10 minutes one night after getting home from a particularly unpleasant day at work (these are my pre-Lexicon years). Not surprisingly I left shortly thereafter and went to work for Lexicon where I stayed for almost 2 decades. Of course after writing it in 10 minutes it's taken me literally decades to get a recording I was happy enough with to unleash it. The recording itself is another great studio drum performance by Frank Sarcia at his Atomic Drum studio in Medford with everything else overdubbed by me here in Billerica. The most recent just a few days ago.

I don't think I qualify as a "farmer" but I did grow the orange cherry tomatoes appearing in the image (they are orange when fully ripe and delicious). I'm sure there was a barn on this property at one point and a farm but all I could round up was a few of the remaining odds and ends that I recovered from our recently-replaced shed. Though we got an excellent yield from the couple of tomato plants and cucumbers we planted this year, the garden was very much ad-hoc and not very photogenic. Certainly not something you would go "Back To" based on appearance but literally did put food on the table and provided some much needed garden-yoga exercise.

Note that Back To The Farm immediately follows Riding Along in the "approved playlist".

Check DistroKid for purchase options.

Riding Along man

New old music: Riding Along

I'm not going to say how old this tune is but Ronald Reagan was governor of California and I had just gotten my first 4 track reel-to-reel "tape" recorder when I wrote it. Even this recording spans more than a decade with the bulk recorded in and around 2008, drums (by Frank) at Frank Sarcia's Atomic Drum studio (ok, basement) in Medford and the rest here in Billerica at (former bedroom, not basement) Stec Records Studios. The most recent, a few guitar chords and an entirely new vocal part in the chorus just a few days ago. An earlier lesser mix was/is released on Bandcamp but this is the first real public offering of this song and a pretty significant improvement over the countless versions that preceded it.

An interesting historical footnote about the recording: the main guitar solo by a Mr. Brian Wood was recorded on a legendary Opus digital recording system at the Lexicon factory in Waltham (the second one by the railroad tracks not the first one by the railroad tracks) one night in the late 90s. As even Brian recalls, we had the place shaking and could literally smell my little early-model Mesa Boogie amp we had closed up in a nearby storage room so we could crank it up beyond human endurance. Though I was able to digitally transfer the track into my current recording system, the tempo was slightly faster so the sample had to be stretched a bit degrading the sound but it was such a great solo, leaving it out was not an option. The recording also includes background vocals from Brian Templeton who also provided the dramatic accordion. Old as this song is, Riding Along was a staple for my band 80s band "Tracks" that featured a young Brian T on drums so he too may be getting old enough to forget this song. Motorcycle sounds were my brother Charley (and his Harley) and his friend Frank making our contribution to the audible motorcycle tapestry that is Billerica. I especially like the stereo cooling engine at the very end.

The primary reason for the release of this decidedly "summer" song today in early fall of 2021 has mostly to do with the release coming up next Friday, stay tuned for that, but this song preceded it on the album [project] and got a final bump when my friend and fellow music enthusiast and meditational-motorcyclist Paul Gallo offered up some motorcycle pictures he'd accumulated. There were several good candidates but Paul's shot of Torr Road in Northern Ireland was too good to pass up. Combined a spanking new part in the chorus and shiny new power chords, poor old Riding Along's time had come. Watch out for that first step Riding Along, it's a doozy.

Check DistroKid for purchase options or inquire of your electronic overloard: "Alex, Play Riding Along by Bob Sellon".

Bad Boy

Bad, bad boy!

"..but can we make the guitars sound bigger?" Yes. Yes we can.

The drums (Frank Sarcia), some of the guitars (Ken Shano) and keyboards and vocals (me) were recorded at the No Muse Is Bad News Spring 2015 Music Series finale with a pandemic-ready bass added by Jim Fabiano and overdubs from me on guitar and vocal last year.

It`s worth noting that the over-the-top guitars were edged closer to divinity owing to the wonderful CrushStation plugin by Eventide that graced them. Though the instrument was my [awesome] new Line6 Variax, it was plugged directly into a line input on my audio interface so the overdrive tone was entirely from the plugin. The Variax, if you didn`t know, is a guitar that just "models" (copies the sound of) other types of guitars. I`m pretty sure I used the "Lester" preset which is a "model" of an early Les Paul guitar for the Bad Boy overdubs but there are lots of great other ones. Not to digress but the acoustic guitars presets are amazing. 12 string, banjo, sitar, a couple of Martin acoustics. Good stuff. My biggest surprise for the Variax however, is that it`s a really nice guitar. I got the blue strat version. My two main guitars, my strat and Ibanez acoustic are both in bad need of a fret job so it's been a treat playing an instrument that is set up properly with shiny new frets. The Variax also does alternate tunings on the fly which is handy if you have a few tunes in drop-D or one of the other many tunings you can dialup on a little thumbwheel by the neck.

Also note that you can wash you clothes in the very washer depicted (dog excluded) at the photographer's (Frank Sarcia) Port City Laundry, "Laundry to your door" in Newburyport, MA.

Check the DistroKid landing page for the song for purchase options.

Who's a good boy?


New music 8/20/2021.

Another great recording from a No Muse Is Bad News show at the Billerica Elks. This one features a Mr. Ken Shano on guitar and harmony vocals, Frank Sarcia on drums and bass (after the fact) by Jim Fabiano. The keys and vocals are your`s truely. It`s worth mentioning that the only overdub on this recording was Jim`s bass, the rest is live.

Like all of my recent releases, you can find this on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok or your other favorite music source. The DISTROKID landing page for the song also contains links for the song on major outlets. "Alexa play Bob Sellon Bad Boy". There.


I'm pleased to announce the worldwide release of my song "Pay" featuring Frank Sarcia and Brian Templeton.

To have and to hold (in your playlist) for all time, we bring you the legendary recording of "Pay" featuring Frank Sarcia on drums and Brian Templeton on harmonica, piano and backup vocals. My contributions include authorship of the tune, lead vocal, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and guitar-synth-generated-brass as well as recording, mixing and "mastering" the recording. After some troubled attempts recording the song with electronic drums, Frank took on the challenge and delivered the masterful performance we recorded at his studio in Medford. I was in touch with Brian who had the time and inclination to work on a piano part which we ended up recording the same night as the harp and background vocals. A long but productive night indeed. A final pass with some guitar generated brass (GR-33) we were good to go. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Search for Bob Sellon on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok or your other favorite music supplier. The DISTROKID landing page for the song also contains links for the song on major outlets. It`s worth noting that this page tends to lag the actual release so it`s best to search your music service if its not listed.

A Minute Of Surf

You can now get a minute of surf for your media collection for beach-sound-emergencies.

A search of your music service for "A Minute Of Surf by Bob Sellon" will yield a [sound] song that you can have in your phone or other media device when you need to convince yourself that you are at the beach.

It's worth noting that this recording ends out my version of Haitian Divorce on Sing For Your Stew and that the recording was made at Camp Ellis in Maine though the picture is of Magnolia beach in Manchester-by-the-sea in Massachusetts.

A new worldwide release: my song "Fourth Of July"

AND the new (cover) song "Sunny Afternoon"

..with Frank Sarcia on drums, Ken Shano on guitar, Jim Fabiano on bass and Bob on piano and voice.

Both now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram & Facebook, TikTok, Amazon and many, many more.

Get Bob Sellon's song "Fourth Of July"

Get "Sunny Afternoon"

"Cool This Summer" now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram & Facebook, TikTok, and the gammit.


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