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Alright does this forum work or not ? (Read 3380 times)

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Hi St├ęphane,
I initially set the permissions for adding content to this site too loose and ended up with a lot of invalid advertising. The email notification was also not working so I wasn't getting let know that there was a problem. I finally got back to it and am in the process of cleaning things up.

Thanks for your suggestions. We are in the process of overhauling the entire site which includes fixing up this forum and will keep your comments in mind.

best regards,
Bob Sellon

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Also, I got a few questions. It's actually more of a bug report. How comes there are links to 2 different forums on this site ? The left hand menu frame links to some outdated piece of forum software which I believe is a mistake.

Also, the link to this message board is too small imho. I could hardly read it on my laptop screen.

Finally, I think it's weird the default choice in the forum quick navigation drop down box is "Digitech Jam man". I would make it "Original JamMan by Lexicon".

Alright, I hope this helps. Thanks anyway for the good work.

- Stephane

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#1 Alright does this forum work or not ?
March 24, 2008, 10:53:09 AM
It's different than what it was last time but it's so damn quiet I wonder whether I'm the only person intereted in posting on here or not.

If anyone is alive here than please hit me back. Seriously, I wanna be able to interract here because I just bought myself a JamMan and I totally wanna read/talk about and eventually buy this new looperpro thing.


- St├ęphane