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killdry function? (Read 2972 times)

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#2 Re: killdry function?
January 06, 2014, 01:44:30 PM
The fix in the 1.1 ROM allows you to adjust the unbypassed and bypassed levels of an effect (the OPTION on the Mix parameter) but it doesn't sound like that's what you are looking for. If you put a delay in-line with a reverb and set both to 100% wet, the delay effectively becomes a pre-delay for the reverb. If you are looking for independent slap echo and reverb with no dry signal, you probably want to change the program Routing to put one effect on the top path and the other on the bottom; essentially putting them in parallel.

You start by going to the Edit - Routing Map screen and use the < and > buttons to select the Input (I) or some other effect before the delay and reverb. By default the In is set for "upper". You want to change it to "split" by turning the big knob then press the Options button to return to the Routing Map. You'll notice that there is now an upper and lower signal path shown. Use the < and > buttons to select the Delay or Reverb effect (D or R) and press the Options button again. You'll probably see it set for "upper". Just turn the knob to set it for "lower" and press the Options button to exit and you are done. Now you can adjust the level of each independently.

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#1 killdry function?
January 06, 2014, 01:30:07 PM
hi i´d need some help: i´m using the lexicon mpx g2 for fx only. fed by my amps line out, going to an fx amp... so i´d like to use it 100% wet...since the mpx doesn´t have a killdry function, i have to set the mix to 100% if i have del and rev in a row, and both are set to 100% wet, i don´t know how to set the relative levels to each other...when i turn the rev. level down, of course also the del gets turned down... i was told it was possible from software version 1.1 on...i just don´t have a glue how to do it...;-) thanks!