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input/output levels and noise (Read 2544 times)

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#2 Re: input/output levels and noise
January 22, 2014, 04:56:46 PM
Ultimately, you want the signal level through the G2 to be as hot as possible without clipping but it's not always a good idea to crank up the output from your amp to get there since there is a possibility of overloading the G2 input. I'd recommend setting the G2 return level to the halfway position and adjust up the amp output until you start seeing the "Aux In - Clip" LED on the front panel occasionally, then dialing it back slightly.  The G2 has 24 bit converters which provide a wide dynamic range but you're only using all 24 bits if the signal is hot.

Another thing to mess around with is the "Audio Soft Sat" (saturation) under System. The Soft Sat is a type of limiter that prevents loud signals from clipping allowing you to set the level through the G2 hotter reducing the converter noise even more.  Electric guitars have a surprisingly large dynamic range (165dB if I recall correctly) that give the instrument a variety of sounds but can make it tough to keep noise levels down since most of the signal is much softer; only the transients hit the high values but will cause clipping. Guitar amps act like compressor/limiters themselves but can still push some pretty loud transients through the effect loop since a lot of the limiting happens in the power amp and speaker so it can be tough to get a good signal level without occasionally clipping. The soft saturation feature "softens" the transients by rounding off the sharp edges of the signal when it clips allowing you to run a hotter signal though the G2 pushing the noise floor down.     

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#1 input/output levels and noise
January 20, 2014, 04:36:04 PM
as I wrote in previous posts, i´m using my g2 for post fx (del, rev, etc) only…i´m going from my amps´ line out, which I can adjust in level, to the g2 return input…now my question is: what would be the best level management concerning noise…?
should I go as loud as possible from my amps´ line out and how should i use the g2 return level knob…is there a general rule…?
tanks a lot,