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Using TC Helicon Voiceworks with MIDI notes (Read 9839 times)

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This question came in:

"Dear Bob, I have a voiceworks and would like to fed a programmed midi lead into it for singing from my DAW and record the altered lead in the same DAW, can I do this? I would be elated if you could walk me through this. Thanks, svk "

This was my reply:

"Hi svk,
You basically connect a midi output from your daw/computer to your Voiceworks (vw), load program 9 on the vw: "Midi Notes", then set the midi output device on the midi track containing the lead data to the midi output the vw is connected to.

For the audio, you need to somehow get the vocal track you want to change out to a dedicated output on your daw which you connect to the input of the vw.  Ideally, you'd have an aux send or other unused audio output on the daw you would use. You then feed the output of the vw back to an input of the daw as if you were tracking it.  You can still do it even if the daw only has a stereo output, you just won't be able to listen back in stereo; you use one of the tracks as an aux-send and the other as a mono monitor mix.

The tricky bit is monitoring the results in real time. Since you've got the vw output feeding the daw input you'll probably incur a slight lag in the audio so you might consider using a y cable on the vs output or use the S/PDIF output of the vw into your daw for recording and the analog output for monitoring; mix it back in somehow with the mix output.

I hope this helps.