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AVG 2014 using 40 to 50% of my CPU (Read 17927 times)

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#1 AVG 2014 using 40 to 50% of my CPU
February 19, 2014, 02:31:44 AM
I've been using the free version of AVG for years without problem but recently upgraded to evaluation of the for-pay version and noticed that my CPU usage on the computer was high. Checking the Windows Task Manager I observed avgui.exe (the user-interface portion of the program) was the offender but only when it was running my own apps. The CPU usage for the apps themselves are nearly 0 but they are doing something to piss off AVG. 

And the story just gets weirder: if I run the apps from within Visual Studio, avgui.exe does NOT go CPU crazy! It's only when the apps run outside Visual Studio that AVG goes ballistic. 

As if all that isn't weird enough, the problem still occurs with AVG disabled!! Yes, avgui.exe is using 40-50% of the CPU when it is disabled!

This all started after the recent AVG update and is occurring on apps that have not been built in a long while and were previously not exhibiting this problem; more evidence that this is a new AVG bug/feature. 

I should probably mention that this testing has been on a 32 bit Windows Vista machine that ran a Windows update the same time that AVG was updating so an OS change might be involved. 

I'm going to continue debugging this but am sufficiently pissed off at AVG about this to retract my endorsement. They have always seemed like an honest company but I must confess a suspicion that the problem would magically go away if I ante'd up for their "computer-speed-up" tools. I hope it was an innocent bug but I'm having a hard time understanding how it could use half of my CPU when it is disabled.