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Little help, plz. Midi newbie meets MPXG2 Editor (Read 2832 times)

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The MIDI IN connector on the R1 feeds a separate input to its cpu than the REMOTE jack (contains input, output and power) so you might be able to push data through the R1 to the G2. The MIDI OUT jack on the G2 contains the same data as the output pins on the REMOTE connector (might even be hardwired) so you can monitor there. I've never tried pushing sysex through the R1 but its an easy test so its worth trying.

The other obvious approach is to provide the midi ins and outs from both devices to the app which would forward the data back and forth. What's nice about this approach is that the app can do things like write to the G2 or R1 displays and send programs in real-time if more than 50 are needed.

Which app are you using?

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Just took a foray into trying out the Laptop based editor shareware.  I'm using a usb/midi cable and don't quite know the best way to set it up.  With the R1 unplugged and using the midi in/remote and out spaces on the g2, I'm able to get info in and out, as observed on a midi monitor program.  My real problem is that this leaves the R1 disconnected from the unit.  Anyone know how I should do this to be able to have both the R1 AND laptop connected and controlling the G2?

Thanks in advance for any replies.