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I would like to know the total cost (Installation & ROM) for you to install both (Read 4295 times)

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I am mainly interested in the Special ROM because of the ability to play multiple loops simultaniously. I don't think even the echoplex has that ability. Could I get one of those Beta ROMS? I would like to be a tester, till the product comes out. I don't have any way of burning my own, so...let me know. Thanks. NAK

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psknak, Only one of the ROMs can be installed in the JamMan at a time. The Special ROM is still in beta and is not available for sale yet. The Enhancement ROM is $75. My hourly rate is $60. I would expect an upgrade to take less than 2 hours (I normally just sell the ROMs) so the labor would be between $60 and $120 for a total of between $135 and $195. Any repairs are extra. There is currently no way to expand the memory beyond the 32 seconds (believe me, plenty have asked). Please let me know if you have any further questions. best regards, Bob Sellon

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would like to know the total cost (Installation & ROM) for you to install both the enhancement ROM and the Special ROM in my jamman. Also, is there any way that a Jamman can be configured to use two sets of 32 second chipsets with code instructions to append both together?