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Acoustic VS Electronic Drum Kits (Read 3778 times)

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#1 Acoustic VS Electronic Drum Kits
April 14, 2010, 10:02:02 PM
I wold like to start a discussion on acoustic drums vs electronic drums. I have never played on an electronic set, I know the early electronic kits sounded electronic, but today with sampling coming along way over the past 20 years from what I see electronic kits can have many advantages, however the cost involved in a quality electronic kit makes me wonder if it's worth it. I would imagine that with electronic kits the sound quality is only as good as the equipment used, in the end you get what you pay for. To me it appears one of the most key pieces to an electronic kit is the amp and speaker, looks like the cost of a good quality drum amp and speaker alone is up around what you can get a decent acoustic kit for. I know you can get allot of effects out of an electronic kit but you can do the same thing with an acoustic kit miced  out running through a digital effects unit. Another thing about an electronic kit is, well it's electronic and electronic things can go bad, you have touch pad sensors that can give out, then there is the controller which has all kinds of chips and electronic components in it that can let go, patch cords well they can be a bitch some times, then of course more electronics the amp. Usually the most that can go bad with an acoustic kit is you will have to replace a drum head here and there over time. Any input here on this?
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