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Lexicon M 200 Reverb Problems (Read 4585 times)

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#1 Lexicon M 200 Reverb Problems
May 24, 2011, 04:39:50 PM
Hi Keith,
Do you have much experience repairing Lexicon Model 200s?  I have one that has a noise issue with a possibly related E95 error.

Hello, the biggest problem with the 200 is the battery. If you still have the original battery in your 200, that can cause many problems, and if it is starting to leak will eat tracers on the PC board. Not sure what kind of noise you are hearing but most noise issues could be a bad capacitor, pot, chip or connector loose, or cold solder joint some where. E95 is a RAM error, could be a bad chip,  or a chip not fully seated, or again a cold solder joint on another component some where in that circuit.

Hi Keith,
Here's a soundclip of the noise, which I'm more and more convinced is related to the E95 error.  There is also some analog sounding noise, but that isn't nearly as much of an issue.

As I had stated in the previous email the most likely causes for your problems. All I can tell you if you have not already done so is open it up, check the battery, look for any leakage and damage to the board from a leaking battery, put a volt meter to it to see what it has for voltage should be about 3.6V, check to see that all plug in IC's and cable plugs are fully seated, look for any cold solder joints. Be careful when you go poking around in there. make sure you are grounded as a spark of static electricity could damage an IC chip. Some of those chips were custom made for Lexicon and are not available, so you do not want to damage any of those for sure.
If you do not find anything then it will need to go on an Oscope to track the problem down, I do work on all vintage Lexicon units here,
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