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Title: new member Introduction Phraser
Post by: phraser on April 29, 2013, 08:01:06 AM
Hi Everybody,
I am a long term muso, playing guitar mainly in the SE of the UK. Entirely live work in my early days and now a mixture of live and DAW at home.
I belong to an online collaboration comunity called "Kompoz" under the same pseudonym as here, phraser.
I have become a bit of an anorak about recording:) and have gathered some knowledge and secondhand gear recently.
My daughter sings and I have been putting together a live rig so that we can gig and also get a reasonable presentation and sound.
I can put up photos if anyone is interested regarding what I have chosen.
Certainly one rack piece is a Lexicon (MPX 550) with the program knob missing (investigating this with not much luck at the moment).
This forum looks friendly, intelligent and supportive and I look forward to a happy experience.
best wishes.