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Title: Virtual MPX G2 Help Panel
Post by: bsellon on February 15, 2013, 12:08:27 PM
Just putting a topic up for discussions about our new Virtual MPX G2 Help Panel:

We have a few things in mind to improve it but figured we'd let the users pipe in.

One suggestion that will almost certainly be implemented is a list of effects available for each effect type.

I can't guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented but this got started because a lot of really good ideas were relatively easy to implement (famous last words) so all suggestions will at least be considered.  We're eventually going to add more products but want to kick this one around for a while first.
Title: Re: Virtual MPX G2 Help Panel
Post by: bsellon on March 04, 2013, 01:44:06 PM
I just posted a pretty major update to Help-panel for the MPX G2. These are the major changes:

*The big knob can now be rotated to change the program with the name and number showing on the displays.
*The effect buttons now turn on and off depending on if they are used in the selected program.
*The effect routing is now shown for the selected program. The routing diagram resizes itself based on the width of the screen for readability.
*The effects for the selected program are shown in the green status area when programs are selected.
*Check boxes have been added to enable/disable hover help, preview-on-hover and to show the extended help information in a browser-level pop up box (disabled by default).
*Added Facebook "Recommend" and "Send" buttons.
*Added a link back to this forum topic.

I'm still working on the knob action but please note that you can click just above the big knob to increment the program and below it to decrement. This will give you a way of changing programs on iPads, mobile phones and computer touch pads which don't work great with the current knob rotation code. Note that the inc/dec on iPads is a little slow.
Title: Re: Virtual MPX G2 Help Panel
Post by: bsellon on March 07, 2013, 01:45:47 PM
I just posted another update with some great new features:

*The routing diagram now shows Input and Output blocks as black buttons and effects with nothing loaded grayed out.
*Added + and - buttons above and below the large knob allowing the program to be incremented and decremented by clicking.
*The mouse scroll wheel will now change the selected program if turned while hovering over the large knob.
*A small help balloon appears showing the new program number and name to the right of the cursor when the program changes.  This was mainly added to provide feedback when changing the program on a phone where the sections of the panel are aligned vertically and are not visible when changing the program.
*The extended help now shows up in a large help balloon when you click on a control instead of the alert window making it easier to read.
*The help balloon is now moved to the left of the screen for mobile devices (previously they could go off screen).
*Rotating the large knob now works on iphones/ipads,
*The G2 program data is now loaded as a secondary process making the initial page load quicker. It still needs more but this helps a lot for devices with slow internet connections such as phones. Status of the load is shown in the main G2 display.
*Fixed problems centering the text on the routing buttons when resizing the window. 
*Hover help now only shows once for every control. After you've seen these once, they can be aggravating.
*Fixed a problem with the text shown when clicking the routing effects (was showing the wrong effect info).