Basic Operation

The MIDI Mapper organizes sequences of commands into macros that can be triggered via MIDI Program Change or Controller events. When it receives a change event, it outputs the commands in the macro for that Controller or Program Change.

When used with a foot controller such as the Lexicon MPX R1, programs can be directly selected by number but in its Effect Mode, can be stepped through (prog up/down). In the Effect Mode, the numbered buttons on the foot pedal output MIDI Controller values. MIDI Mapper monitors those controller values and executes a sequence of commands if a controller is received. When used with the MPX R1, LEDs are provided for each number which are used by MIDI Mapper to indicate if a command sequence has been assigned for that controller/button in this program.

The end result of all this is that a performer can instantly configure his/her entire setup, play sound bytes, MIDI files and control their lighting system at the press of a button.

Main Screen

This is the main screen from the Midi Mapper application.

Currently, this screen just provides links to some of the tools and editors.