Allows you to output a MIDI Note to a particular MIDI port.
Midi Note Editor

Several of these can be entered in a single Macro to form a chord.

If your MIDI foot pedal supports separate controller values for press and release, it can be made to work like a MIDI keyboard using MIDI Note commands (send the note ON on the controller value of 0 and note OFF for controller value 127). Some foot controllers only send a single event for a button press (Program Change, etc..) while others send one event for a press and another for a release (Controllers, etc..). On the Lexicon MPX R1, only the buttons for 5 and 0/10 provide this functionality.

Monophonic/Polyphonic Mode.

When the Monophonic mode is selected and the note is played, any previous notes are shut off. Wonderful for emulating bass pedals.


- Note name maps. This would be handy for triggering drum sounds and samples.