ST Metronome

4/9/2023 This article contains information about my free online metronome.

A screen shot of the Stec Records ST Metronome panel.

This is a new web-based metronome I created that lets you save tempos with a song title and a selection of a metronome sound. The "title" can include things like "Exercise 1" or"Fast reps" or anything else you might use to identify the settings later. The tool includes nearly 40 sounds ranging from cowbells to snare drums to yogurt cups with reverb that can be adjusted in realtime.

A large red circle (LED - light emitting diode) is provided that blinks for every beat but can also be used to tap in the tempo. For improved accuracy, the panel is set up to capture the duration of 8 beats at once (2 measures of 4/4) which it then divides by 8 for a final "beat" duration (in fractions of a second) from which the tempo is calculated. The ring around the giant LED rotates while the tap is being measured. The key is that you are always clicking the button on the first beat: on the very first beat and on the first beat of the third measure (ONLY). Once to start and once to stop. It immediately resets it you tap again so it's easy to try again if you didn't get it right.

I had a metronome app for the iPhone a while back that included our Stec Records phone-connector logo flying back and forth simulating the arm of a mechanical metronome so, in keeping with the time honored tradition of whipping things around in time with the music, I've animated the connector again for visual representation of the tempo.

The user interface includes a + (plus) button that adds a new song, a floppy disk icon saves the songs (make sure you get the spelling right if you look that one up:), a menu button that provides more options, a "comment" link where you can tell me how much you love the metronome or how much it sucks. A Start button to start and stop the metronome, a giant red LED/tap button, a tempo input box that shows the tempo but you can also type numbers into it. Finally - and + buttons for the tempo (oops; that's two + buttons but you get it) and an editable field showing the title of your metronome-song. You can pick songs and do other activities from the menu.

Also note that there is a button on the top right of the screen that allows you to hide or show the top toolbar and the ad at the bottom of the screen can be hidden via the menu to reduce screen clutter and distractions.

There are more features to come but I feel like I've already held back on releasing this long enough but hopefully some will make use of this bare-bones (albeit free) metronome. Enjoy!


(Bob Sellon music)