"Improv 515"

5/25/2023 My second installment of improvised piano music (?) recorded as midi data on my Keyboard Tools web panel . See the "fourth Day O May" article for details about that, but I ran a little longer on this one and did a smidge more editing even adding a brass voice in places on top of my normal piano and slow-strings sounds. Bob

Fingers on a piano for Bob Sellons Improv 515

Get more info on how this recording was made on the "Improv 515" page.

"Fourth Day O May"

5/4/2023 I often find myself wandering around musically when I warm up on the keyboard so I decided to record the first 4 minutes or so to see if it sounded like music when I listened back. Not to bad for a quick live improv. Bob

Fingers on a piano for Bob Sellons music

Get more info on how this recording was made on the "fourth Day O May" page.

ST Metronome

4/13/2023 My new online metronome lets you set the tempo, choose a sound, set the reverb level and to save different settings for quick recall. Check here for more info or go directly to the metronome here.

A screen shot of the Stec Records ST Metronome panel.

Featured music: "Ooh La La"

12/1/2022 "I wish that I knew what I know now.."

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Get more info on Ooh La La here .

Supporting the "artist"

Please note that I am an independent artist, creating and releasing music without the support, financial and otherwise, of a big record company so if you are the type of person who supports the so called "little guy", you've found him. Bob

(yes, I take tips:)

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