New: a Kids Typing panel

3/13/2023 This is a very simple web page I set up for my grandson to help him learn to read and write: the Typing Panel" is a simple text editor with a very large font and a builtin voice synthesiser that will speak what is typed in.

StecTools Typing Panel

Includes a "Clear" button and a "Speak" button along with a "save" icon (a floppy disk) you can click to save the current text and settings which include the text color, size and font, the background color, the your preferred voice-synthesis voice, the speed at which the voice synthesis speaks and the its pitch. On many browsers, text input fields like this can be filled from voice detection so the child can say a word and it will be typed out.

My default color-scheme of white text on a black background is, sort of, meant to represent a chalk board but also to help conserve battery life on mobile devices and to reduce eye fatigue (does NOT double as a flashlight well:).


3/3/2023 My new "Sound-pads" panel provides large buttons that play drum and other percussion sounds when clicked.

The Stec Records Sound-pads panel

The sounds are loudest near the middle of the pads and are responsive enough to be used in a musical context on touch devices. You can adjust the size of the pads and pick which of the 45+ sounds to use (all of the sounds are shown by default) and adjust the reverb level and overall volume levels. Your settings changes are saved in the storage in your browser so it always comes back the way you left it if you reload the page later.

Note that each sound is a separate audio file that gets loaded when the panel opens. Depending on the speed of your internet connection and phone/computer/tablet, it can take a few seconds to load. Each button briefly glows when the associated sound is loaded.

Featured release: "Ooh La La"

12/1/2022 "I wish that I knew what I know now.."

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I'm pleased to announced the release of "Ooh La La", my take on Ronnie Lane and Ronnie Wood's classic. This overdub-special features Brian Templeton on harp. The wonderful artwork was created by Bob Conroy.

Supporting the "artist"

Please note that I am an independent artist, creating and releasing music without the support, financial and otherwise, of a big record company so if you are the type of person who supports the so called "little guy", you've found him. Even buying a single song helps but obviously my joy grows exponentially with each additional song you buy:) Bob