"Improv 515"

5/25/2023 My second installment of improvised piano music.

Fingers on a piano for Bob Sellons music

This episode runs just over 15 minutes and, like the first episode, was recorded live as midi data on my Keyboard Tools web panel but got weird enough for me to add on a brass voice which I bring in in a few places. Please note that this is NOT 100% live!! - I added the chord at the very end and removed a dozen or so errant notes. Considering the length, it's probably 99.992% live but certainly worth keeping in mind while listening back; this is NOT some great scored symphony. It's just me hacking around.

The first installment, "The Fourth Day O May" , has the premier performance and a more detailed explanation of how it was created if you want to know more.


I`m not charging to hear this track but will certainly take a donation if you like it and want to help out. Bob