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You never give your monkey, or money

A performance of Lennon and McCartney's "You Never Give Me Your Money" ,"Golden Slumbers" and "The End", a medley we affectionately refer to as "Biggie", on 4/16/2015 by whats-his-name and Ken Shano with a brand new, never before heard, McCartney-adjacent (Mr. McCartney has not yet weighed in) bass part by our friend on the low end, Jim Fabiano. (nailed it Jim!)

Recollections and enhancements

The enhancements feature your friend Jim Fabiano applying bass to the situation with only a single overdub by yers-tery (just kidding, there are tons of overdubs). The original, recordings, of course, feature one Ken Shano overseer of the Big City Wedding Band on guitar and voice, and a man identified as Frank Sarcia, owner/operator of Port City Laundry on drums. Mr. Sarcia could not be reached for comment.

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