Lexicon MPX G2
Lexicon MPX G2
Virtual MPX G2 Help tool that provides information about each button, knob, display and LED on the front panel when you interact with it:

Help-panel for the MPX G2

Note - The batteries on the MPX G2s are hitting their 10th birthday and are starting to die.  Be sure to back up your programs to computer and get the battery replaced. 

The MPX G2 is a multi-effects guitar processor made by Lexicon in the late 1990s. It is currently out of production but is still in use by lots of people.

The MPX G2 was the second generation of effects processors by the pro audio company Lexicon to use an Analog Devices general purpose DSP chip in addition to the standard Lexichip used in most Lexicon products at the time. The Lexichip handled all of the ambience related issues such as reverb and delay but almost everything else was handled by the Analog Devices 2186 chip. The one feature not handled by a DSP chip in the MPX G2 was the amp simulation which included overdrive and EQ (similar to SansAmps).

In addition to some amazing emulations of EQs, compressors, effects units and stomp boxes, the 2186 was also used to implement the amazing control patching system in the G2. The patching system basically allowed a control source of some kind to control an audio parameter in real time. The system provides two seperate LFO (low frequency oscillators), two audio level detectors, an A/B control ramp along with MIDI giving you an amazing level of control. Perhaps more importantly, the controls were very responsive and quiet, meaning they didn't generate a lot of noise of their own. This is very tricky business and is one of the reasons many devices don't allow this level of control; it just takes too long to get it to sound acceptable. Lexicon was fortunate enough to have a excellent SQA and marketing group at the time along with, of course, an excellent engineering group. The first motherboard shipped was rev 7!



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