Song Tool Users Guide
Song Tool Users Guide
MP3 File Playback

Plays back songs recorded in the MP3 file format. All bit rates are supported.

Other file formats are supported but have not yet been tested.

Playback Transport Controls

Typically, playback is started and stopped by pressing the Play/Pause button (a Stop button is currently provided but may be removed in a future version if it is not found to be needed).

Play Stop

MP3 File Info

A viewer is provided for the info embedded in the file including "Title", "Artist", "Album", "Length", etc..

File info

Multiple Loop Points

Users can specify an unlimited number of loop points.

Loop Popints List

When a Loop Point is selected/highlighted, the active Loop Point is updated and the song loops on the points when the Play/Pause button is pressed.

Note that Loop Points need to be "enabled":

Enable Loop Points

Add/Remove and Description

A field is provided to allow a description of a loop point to be defined.

Loop Point Description

The title indicates "** ACTIVE **" when the loop point is active.

Start and End Points

Fields are provided to set the Start and End points of a loop.

Start and End Points

"Get Current" copies in the current position of the song.

"Go To" moves playback to the specified location in the song.

"Get Whole Song" sets the Start point to 0 and the End point to the end of the song.

Song Position Control

A series of controls and indicators are provided to show the current playback position of the song in minutes:seconds:milliseconds format as well as in a slide bar. The slider can be dragged to change position in the song.
Song position control

"Nudge" controls are provided to move the playback position backwards or forwards 0.5 sec. "Go-to-beginning" and "Go-to-end" are also provided.

Recent File List

A list of previously opened files is kept for easy access to commonly referenced song files.

Recent Files

Recent Folder List

A list of previous folders is maintained for quick access to files kept in different folders on your computer.

Recent Folders


The Speed control allows the speed and pitch of the song playback to be changed. Nominal playback speed is 1000. Numbers less than 1000 slow down playback, while higher numbers speed it up.

Speed Control

Note - Speed and Pitch will be seperated on a later version of this app.

Volume control

Controls the volume of the playing song. Value ranges from 0 to 1000.

Volume Control

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