The MP3 Metronome Experiment
The MP3 Metronome Experiment Turn your mp3 player into a metronome. We created mp3 files of a metronome at different tempos that you can download to your computer and save on your mp3 player to play where ever you are. Right cli...(more)

The 4 Minute Practice Timer
The 4 Minute Practice Timer This is a free on-line timer/metronome that implements a standard 2-15-2 practice technique for mastering difficult musical phrases. The timer plays a 2 minute drill followed by a 15 second rest, fini...(more)

Stec Metronome for the iPhone and iTouch
Stec Metronome for the iPhone and iTouch The Stec Metronome for iPhone/iTouch is a high quality metronome software for musicians that keeps precise time and allows the user to save the tempo as of specific songs or exercises in a list. For m...(more)

Song Tool
Song Tool Stecware The "Song Tool" is a computer desktop tool-kit application for musicians. NEWS - 4-10-2011 Preparing for a V2 beta. Features.. Windows and Mac OS X versions MP3, M4p, WAV File Playback Mult...(more)

MIDI Mapper
Introduction The Midi Mapper application is a Windows program that is being designed for real-time control of electronic equipment as part of a live performance. Using a MIDI foot controller, a perfor...(more)

Here are some links to good HTML resources: W3Schools - One of the best references on the web for HTML Web Source - Contains a nice table showing live examples of many common tags. ...(more)

Dump Tool
Dump Tool The Dump Tool is a FREE (donate) easy to use Windows utility for moving MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx) data between MIDI compatible audio gear and personal computers running Windows software. Dow...(more)

Cowbell We couldn't find a simple web page to play a cowbell (we didn't look too hard) so we decided it's an idea who's time has come.  Operating Instructions: Click the cowbell. Repe...(more)